Epic. It’s become a popular buzzword these days. We use it in everyday slang, and scripts for movie trailers with phrases like, “an epic tale…”, and “of epic proportions”. What does it mean though, and what are we really describing when we use the word? Is it someone or something that is amazing; or perhaps just a word used to raise “cool” to another level? However you define it, we at EPIC Lifestyle Brand believe that, more than a descriptive word, it’s a lifestyle necessary to live out one’s life purpose! So how can you be epic?

There are struggles and obstacles in life, no question about it! In them, it’s your mindset that determines success in overcoming. Fears, doubt, insecurity, and hurt; these often hold too many of us back. Elevating your mind from the woes of trying circumstances can free you to excel to heights beyond your dreams.

When you are met by barriers, or when patience demands of you in unfavorable situations, persevere. Bear up your strength and endure to the end. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and speaks volumes to others who are watching.

Overcoming obstacles and learning to persevere through difficulties makes you better. You come out wiser, because hey!, you learned some stuff in the thick of it. Use your new found strength to encourage yourself and  others, remembering that struggles are not for you alone. They’re also for those who look to you and at you.  Be mindful and inspire others! There’s purpose in every level of adversity.

Mastering these three; elevate, persevere and inspire, can only lead to reward. Eventually, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel to confirm that this challenge can be conquered. Conquer is just another word for achievement, and we all seek to achieve. It’s the last condition to being EPIC. Conquering rewards you for your efforts and encourages you for the next battle.

In a life that brings both joy and struggle, those who maintain an EPIC spirit live life to the fullest. 

Think it! Live it! Wear it!

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